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Best PRP Treatment in South Delhi

As your age grows, you are bound to get skin issues and will reach out to many skin specialists if needed. Not only age, but in general too, many people suffer from various skin conditions and with evolution of social media, people often see themselves intending to look better every day. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is one such treatment that will help you to rejuvenate your skin efficiently. The treatment catalyzes the healing process of the body to make it look naturally healthy. Plasma is present in blood helps in formation of new cells or blood clotting as it contains proteins that enhance cell growth. The main incentive of experts is to inject plasma at damaged tissues to initiate the healing process. It also makes upcoming tissues strong for a long lasting effect on your skin.
The treatment is also pretty helpful when it comes to injured parts of your body such as tendons by enhancing the natural healing power of your body. It is a very effective treatment with an extremely high success rate. It sort of tries to mimic the plasma component of blood and promotes the development of new healthy tissues.

Following given steps are done when a patient is having PRP treatment.

  • A blood sample is first taken from the patient's body to understand the mechanism and deficiency if any.
  • The blood is then processed by a centrifuge machine
  • Now the affected area is being targeted by doctors and specialists.
  • The targeted area is thoroughly cleaned before initiating the treatment.
  • Before the procedure, the entire is made numb
  • The patient is always asked to relax and the targeted area is injected with small amounts using a syringe or needle.
  • Post that a bandage is provided to cover the entire injected area.

Following are the various problems that can be treated with the best PRP treatment in Delhi.

  • Stretch Marks - Since PRP treatment catalyzes the healing process, it is very effective when it comes to dealing with your stretch marks. The PRP enhances the collagen level that promotes new cell production and the removal of old skin cells.
  • Open pores -Today, due to extreme dirt and pollution, almost all of us are dealing with the issue of open pores. PRP treatment helps you with pores and thicker skin. Under the guidance of a well-experienced specialist, you will get rid of your pores, especially large ones.
  • Scars - PRP treatment is a huge success, even when it comes to deeply pigmented scars. After every procedure, you will start noticing the change. The deep color of your scar will go lighter and lighter.

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